SSK Pro Edge 243 Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat

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243 Model Specs

    • Traditional Knob – Thick Handle
    • Medium Taper – Large Barrel *2.5”
    • End-Loaded – Cupped End
    • The SSK 243 Model is for the power hitters. It’s end-loaded with an extra large 2.53" barrel for optimal power through the hitting zone.
    • Major League Approved Pro Ink Dot Certified Slope of Grain
    • North American Hard Maple – Made in Japan
    • Our Japanese Bat Shokunin (craftsman) spends 10 minutes shaving the bat to have a super accurate, consistent feel and weight. Most bats made in the USA are only shaved for about 3 Minutes.
    • SSK Wood Bats are made by our Japanese Bat Shokunin who is the most sought after bat craftsman in Japan. He has a trained eye to understand which billet is ideal for each bat model.
    • SSK Wood Bat Billets are dried for 6 Months and then re-dried for an extended period of time to create more flexibility and tenacity.