SSK ZPro Javy Baez JB9 Professional Edge Birch Wood Baseball Bat

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Javy Baez JB9 Birch ZPro Wood Bat Specs

Modeled after his pro model, the Javy Baez JB9 ZPro Birch Wood Baseball Bat has a slightly end-loaded feel and is great for gap to gap hitters and power hitters. It doesn’t matter if your ball is bouncing off the center field wall or hitting the bleachers the JB9 model is for everyone.

The SSK ZPro Javy Baez JB9 Professional Edge Birch Wood Baseball Bat can help you become the hitter you’ve always wanted to be. This home run stick is one of our signature Javy Baez professional model bats. This bat is the preferred shape and model of Javy Baez. If this bat works for a two-time all-star, and World Series Champion, it has to be good! The SSK ZPro is made of Pennsylvania Birch, which happens to be one of the most trusted woods in the world. Birch has become one of the most popular woods in the game of baseball. Birch wood offers more strength than an ash bat, but also is lighter than maple. Birch compresses every time you make contact, which makes for a tighter grain, which equals more pop over time! The Shape of the JB9 features a flattened upper knob for superior comfort and control. This model has what you would call a “rapid taper” from the barrel down to the handle. This helps create that slightly end-loaded feel along with a massive 2.5” barrel. When you get this barrel going through the hitting zone, there is nothing that can stop it. The SSK JB9 ZPro is for power hitters who want to hit tanks, but also can help the gap-to-gap hitters looking for some more “UMPH” and exit velocity in their swing. The Javy Baez JB9 SSK Birch Wood Baseball Bat is Major League Baseball approved and features the Ink Dot Certification. All SSK ZPro wood baseball bats come with a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase. The SSK ZPro Javy Baez Professional Edge Birch Wood Baseball Bat is the premier bat for anyone looking for an easy-to-swing bat that will improve your power numbers.

  • Flattened upper knob for more palm comfort and control
  • Rapid Taper from knob to handle
  • Rapid Taper from handle to barrel taper
    • This creates the slightly end loaded feel and large barrel length
  • Large 2.5” Barrel Diameter
  • Large Barrel length for increased hitting surface
  • Slightly End-Loaded Feel – Cupped End
  • The Javier Baez JB9 ZPro Model is most similar to a B415 or I13 Turn Model
  • Pennsylvania Birch – Birch from the hardwood capital of the world
  • Major League Approved Pro Ink Dot Certified Slope of Grain
  • Vacuum Process Dried – Our unique vacuum drying process allows the whole bat to be equally and consistently dried
    • This means less stress on the wood and more pop on every hit
  • ZPro Wood Bats have a 30 day warranty starting the day of purchase
  • The Javy Baez ZPro is for power hitters who to hit tanks with a slightly end-loaded feel but also for gap to gap contact hitters who want a little heavier bat to improve power and exit velocity.
  • Rumor has it the JB9 model either produces a homerun or double every time you make contact. (Don’t be surprised when you become an absolute machine with the JB9 model, we are just passing along this information.)

SSK ZPro Javy Baez JB9 Professional Edge Birch Wood Baseball Bat