SSK Z9 Professional Edge Coaches Wood Fungo Bat 35"

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SSK Z9 Professional Edge Coaches Wood Fungo Bat 35"

Every baseball or softball coach needs a coach’s fungo, but they do not need just any fungo. They need a fungo that will provide easy pop and consistent swings. The SSK Z9 Professional Edge Coaches Wood Fungo Bat is all of that and more. SSK fungo bats are handcrafted in Japan from one of the finest woods in the entire world, Japanese Magnolia Obovata Wood. This special wood happens to come from Japan and is one of the lightest, strongest woods in the world. How does this translate to the ball field you ask? The Japanese Magnolia Obovata Wood gives the Z9 fungo a consistently light feel to make hitting ground balls and flyballs easier and more precise. To add to the first-in-class feel, the SSK Z9 Wood Fungo goes through a final step before seeing any field. Each fungo is heat compressed to add more density and durability to already an absolute gem of a fungo. It is no coincidence that the SSK Z9 Professional Edge Coaches Wood Fungo Bat is the most popular coach’s fungo in the sport! At all levels, little league, travel ball, high school, college, and the majors, you’ll see many of our Z9 Wood Fungo. We at SSK are almost certain that you will be able to find the perfect colorway of fungo to match your team colors. Go ahead and check out all our color options! When you purchase one of these beauties through, you will receive a 60-day warranty with the bat. And yes, we are the only company that offers a warranty on a full wood fungo bat! Get yours today and not only become a better fungo hitter but become a better coach!

  • SSK Fungo Bats are handcrafted in Japan and made with Japanese lightweight Magnolia Obovata Wood that grows natively in Japan.
  • SSK Wood Fungos are heat compressed to make the wood dense and durable along with an already lightweight feel.
  • When you purchase a fungo through you will receive a 60 day warranty. SSK is proud to have the only full wood fungo bat with a warranty.
  • At SSK we offer a huge selection of colors including team colorways that we sell directly to professional coaches and teams.
  • SSK Fungo Bats are used by coaches at all levels of Baseball including Major League, College, High School, Travel Ball, and Little League.
  • SSK Wood Fungo Bats are the most popular Fungo Bats used by Major League Coaches and College Coaches.
  • 33” PS100 Fungo Bat
    • Our 33” Wood Fungo Bat is best used for infield ground balls. Little League and youth coaches can use it as a full field fungo bat.
    • The PS100 33” Fungo is our smallest wood fungo bat and will be easy to control for beginners or for infield practice
  • 35” PS150 Fungo Bat
    • Our 35” Wood Fungo Bat is our most universal fungo bat used by all Coaches. Our 35” fungo is easy to control and can be used for Infield & Outfield.
    • The PS150 35” Fungo is our middle sized fungo bat and is our most universal fungo that coaches use for infield and outfield hitting.
    • Our 35” Fungo is our most universal Fungo Bat and is the most common used by Softball Coaches.
  • 37” PS200 Fungo Bat
    • Our 37” Wood Fungo Bat is best used for advanced fungo users and outfield practice. Our 37” Fungo allows you put the ball in any spot on the field.
    • The PS200 37” Fungo Bat is our longest fungo bat which means with each swing comes more whip allowing you to hit the ball farther with less effort.
    • For more advanced fungo users more whip combined with the lightness of our bats allows you to be super accurate and put the ball where you want it.

SSK Z9 Professional Edge Coaches Wood Fungo Bat 35" 

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    Posted by Jayson Yang on Oct 20th 2022

    Great bat, balanced feel and very controllable. Shipping was fast as well!

  • 5
    Best Fungo's Around

    Posted by Q on Oct 20th 2022

    By far the best fungos around. I have many fungos and my three ssk fungos are without doubt the best. With sizes from 33, 35, and 37 inches, they have any size you might need from infield to outfield fungos