SSK Warranty Information

Baseball, It's our game.

SSK has been building the highest quality baseball products for 75 years

We are obsessed with the quality of our products. Nobody in the baseball industry takes the quality and reliability of their products more serious then SSK. We don't want to have good quality products, we want to have the very best products available to the professional and amateur athletes. Our products and materials are sourced from the best natural resources available. We go through a rigorous inspection process at several stages during the manufacturing process of all of our products. We also do another rigorous inspection after the products are delivered from our factories to ensure the highest quality.

Fungo Bat and Wood Baseball Bat Warranty:

SSK Fungo Bat Warranty: 60 Day Limited Warranty

SSK Wood Baseball Bat Warranty: 45 Day Limited Warranty

SSK offers the best warranty in the business on our SSK bats that are sold through our retail website. We offer an unprecedented warranty of 60 days limited bat warranty against manufacturer defects on our SSK Fungo Bat and 45 days limited bat warranty against manufacturer defects on our SSK Wood Baseball Bat. No one else comes close. We offer this warranty because we believe in the durability of our bats when used properly.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Bats that have been abused, altered in any way or mistreated.
  • Bats that have been used in a commercial batting cage.
  • Bats not purchased directly from SSK or from SSK on a third party sales channel such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart or authorized retailers.
  • Used bats
  • Bats that have been used in temperatures under 60° F/15° C.
  • Bats purchased from non-authorized SSK dealers or individuals directly or on third party sales channels.
  • Bats purchased from outside the US
  • Grip replacement; graphics, paint, decals or stickers.
  • Bats purchased through Team Sales Department
  • Wood bats that do not explicitly include a warranty

In order to qualify for this warranty, the bat must be used exclusively for the described purpose; i.e., Fungo Bat for training not for in game use. SSK does not approve authorize the purchaser, or any other person, to physically alter the bat in any manner for any use. Such alterations void the warranty and potentially violate SSK's patents and other intellectual property. Alteration includes, but is not limited to: hitting foreign objects other than the proper balls, or any other “bat doctoring” that is designed to change the character or performance of the bat in any way. Suspected alteration of the bat will nullify the warranty.

Orders can only be replaced 1 time per bat purchase. Replacements do not come with a warranty

SSK will provide a replacement fungo bat or wood baseball bat, as long as there is no evidence of misuse. All shipping charges will fall on the returning customer.

Original purchaser must make a claim from 60 days of purchase date for fungo bat or 45 days of purchase date for wood baseball bat.

You must submit a warranty claim and receive a Warranty Approval Authorization prior to shipping the bat. Please click here to fill out your warranty claim to receive your Warranty Approval Authorization. Warranty Approval Authorization

Once you receive the Warranty Approval Authorization you must ship the bat within 7 days.

Note: Minor flat spots & small indentations are normal under certain instances and will be reviewed by our professional staff to assess if such damage warrants a replacement

Baseball and Softball Glove Warranty:

1-Year Limited Warranty from the original date of purchase against defects.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Gloves that have been microwaved, placed in an oven or from misuse
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Laces are not covered under the warranty

Warranty Limitation & Exclusion:

It is hereby agreed that the liability of SSK shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the nonconforming product as provided above. Use of bats is inherently dangerous and SSK and its employees, officers, directors and suppliers shall not be liable for any other damages, direct, indirect or consequential.

SSK reserves the right to refuse warranty service to any person(s) who our Warranty Department deems as abusing our products or warranty policy.

Sole and Exclusive Remedy

The remedies provided herein, repair or replacement, are the sole remedies available and purchaser waives all other remedies including but not limited to recovery of consequential damages, attorneys fees and legal expenses. In the event of legal proceedings or arbitration, purchaser agrees that any monetary recovery will be limited to the purchase price of the bat or glove.

Dispute Resolution

In the event that any dispute regarding any condition of a SSK Bat or SSK Glove or any warranty claim cannot be resolved, purchaser and SSK agree that the dispute shall be subject to binding arbitration in California and that California law shall be applicable to the resolution of the dispute.

Warranty Approval Authorization